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Cover Story

Learning to Love Our Bugs

The countless microorganisms that live inside us are more important than we realized as symbiotic partners in health. Your microbiome, in many ways, is the essence of you. Story

The Big Picture

A two-story, steel-and-glass pedestrian bridge is taking shape across Clifton Road


Zika research expands as casee multiply and Travel: Don't panic, plan


Message from the Dean


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The Season of our Discontent

Emory Medicine invited a handful of women to dine with a doctor who specializes in women's health during midlife and menopause. Story

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Sepsis Survival Skills

What used to be called "blood poisoning" is still very much with us. More deadly than a heart attack, sepsis strikes more than 1 million Americans a year. Medical teams are fighting back with broader awareness, faster recognition, and immediate treatment. Story

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The Last Word: Worth the Price?

Oncologist Daniel Goldstein discusses the high cost of cancer drugs and other medications. Story

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