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Volunteering for clinical trials made easy

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Winship Cancer Institute researcher Shannon Matulis (left) with Deana Chiusano, who took part in a clinical trial that led to an effective treatment for her multiple myeloma. Photography by Ann Borden

Have you ever wanted to volunteer for a clinical trial? Or do you have an illness you feel might benefit from a new, experimental treatment?

A new Emory clinical trials website has easy-to-access information about nearly 1,000 trials currently seeking volunteers.

At clinicaltrials.emory.edu, potential participants can search for trials related to specific health conditions, browse topic areas such as cardiology, cancer, or the neurosciences, and view quick facts about each of the individual trials available at Emory.

Although many clinical trials are seeking patients who have a particular disease, others are seeking healthy volunteers.

Information about each trial includes its purpose, timing, investigators, process, and key eligibility criteria.

Potential volunteers can click on a link to reach the leader of each trial and send a message asking to participate or requesting more information.

The clinical trials website includes frequently asked questions, additional resources available at Emory, and National Institutes of Health information about clinical trials.

A link to the NIH database—clinicaltrials.gov—has more detailed information.

“Clinical trials are a key part of Emory’s research mission, which helps lead to the approval of new lifesaving medicines, medical devices, and treatment protocols,” says David Stephens, vice president for research in Emory’s Woodruff Health Sciences Center.

“As an academic medical center, Emory stands out in its ability to conduct numerous clinical trials sponsored by both the NIH and by industry.”

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