Cover Story

Cover Story

Tackling stroke

It can come on slow or fast, surprising young and old alike. No matter, Emory brings patients with stroke the most advanced care in the narrow window of time to do the most good. Story

Pandemic flu vaccine?

A vaccine is being tested for the new avian flu strain, which killed nearly a third of those it sickened in China.

Can you see me now?

Implantable miniature telescopes are improving sight for patients with age-related macular degeneration.


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DRIVE through the 'valley of death'

A new initiative is rerouting the journey of getting drug discoveries from the laboratory to patients in the clinic by skillfully navigating the risks and cost hurdles along the way. Story

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Four questions project

Starting with four basic questions, an Emory team is helping both physicians and consumers nationwide understand the new health care law. Story

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Behind closed doors

Women who are victims of intimate partner violence are often ashamed to talk about what they've been through. The privacy of a kiosk allows them to disclose their abuse and find help. Story

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