Cover Story

Cover Story

Surviving the Unsurvivable

When a pine tree fell on Sylvia Ennis's car, impaling her, she began a multi-year medical odyssey that would require a care team of dozens - and a lot of tenacity. Story

New Website for Clinical Trials

Easy-to-use Emory website has information about 1000 trials currently seeking volunteers.

Best Diet? Just what you'd think- healthy whole foods

Experts ranked some of the most popular diets


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Diagnostic Demons

Emory Special Diagnostic Services is one of a handful of such clinics around the country, dedicated to patients with complex, undiagnosed illnesses. Story

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In Time to Help Jessie

Through whole exome sequencing and the work of Emory geneticists, a North Georgia couple learned that two of their daughters have an extremely rare, newly discovered genetic disorder: NGLY1 deficiency. Story

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Q and A with Dr. Epstein

Emory neurologist Charles Epstein helped refine a novel therapy-transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS-to become an FDA-approved treatment for depression. Story

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The Curious Boy

Samir was polite, helpful, and full of questions-Where were we from? How did we become doctors? And we, in turn, wonder what his future will hold. Story

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Did You Know?

This red-haired daughter of a rural physician became Emory's first female medical graduate. Her name? Story

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