Cover Story

Cover Story

Safety at the Super Bowl

As senior medical adviser for the Super Bowl, Ric Martinez and his team help prepare for catastrophes from heart attacks to broken bones, food poisoning to influenza, bad weather to terrorism. Story

And Your Brain Says...

Is therapy or medication the best way to treat your depression?

The Weed Whisperer

Never discount the power of plants, even those commonly considered weeds


Message from the Dean

  • Endorphins David Stephens, Interim Dean, Emory School of Medicine


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Too Much Too Soon?

Years of training, intense competition, and focusing on one sport can create health problems for young athletes. What can be done to reduce the risks? Story

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Self Help

Using your own stem cells to help your body heal Story

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'Nothing Matters More'

Training the next generation of diagnosticians Story

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Learning from the Zuni

Francois and Jessica Rollin came to New Mexico looking for adventure and a place to practice medicine. What they found was a community. Story

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