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Cover Story

Surviving Ebola

Surviving Ebola at Emory: what it takes, what we learned, and how it can help. Story

Parenting across species

What can be learned from animal parenting


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Emory University Hospital Special Isolation Unit

Emory's special isolation unit was built in cooperation with the CDC to treat patients with lethal, contagious diseases acquired in the field or in a lab. Story

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What We Learned

Q&A with Aneesh Mehta, one of the infectious disease doctors who cares for Emory's patients with Ebola virus. Story

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Ebola, The Developing Story

In the News Story

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What is the Ebola virus and how does it compare to other deadly viruses? Story

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Lessons from a previous outbreak

Former CDC director Jeff Koplan shares his thoughts about the treatment of Ebola patients at Emory and the current outbreak in West Africa. Story

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Disrupting the Balance

With habitat loss, zoonotic diseases that leap from animals to people, like Ebola, are on the rise. Story

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'The World is Looking to Us'

President Obama visits CDC, thanks Emory Healthcare team, announces expansion of international Ebola response. Story

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Amazing Deliveries

These tiny miracles and their mothers survived against daunting odds. Story

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The Fear Factor

Being frightened of plague-like diseases is natural, but reason must win out. Story

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