Cover Story

Cover Story

A Future Without Antibiotics?

The possibility that our most commonly prescribed drugs, which we've relied on for nearly eight decades to kill infections, will stop working (indeed, in some cases, already have) is nearly unfathomable. Story

Early Risks to Heart Health

Stress on the circulatory system early in life may deplete its ability to regenerate later.

Emory's 20th President

Claire Sterk, former Emory provost, took the helm of the university in the fall, becoming its first female president.


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Caring For the Poor

An inside look at the challenges of public safety net hospitals, like Atlanta's Grady Memorial, in providing mental health care to patients. Excerpted from "A Spirit of Charity" by Mike King Story

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Antibiotic Resistance Threat

Q & A with Monica Farley, principal investigator for the Georgia Emerging Infections Program, on the antibiotic resistance threat. Story

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The Lifeline

The birth of Megan Blay's daughter was anything but normal -- doctors kept baby and mother connected by umbilical cord while they performed a complex procedure to save young Emma's life. Story

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