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Cover Story

Cell Wars

In early 2016, Ricardo Parks had been experiencing stomach aches and unexplained vomiting spells for a few months. A local doctor prescribed tablets for an upset stomach, but by March, things had gotten even worse. "Anything I ate, I threw up," he says. Story

Spring Strings

The Vega String Quartet performs Mozart in the School of Medicine lobby, an annual tradition.

Gun Play

Most children cannot tell the difference between real guns and toy guns.


Alumni News

Message from the Dean


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The Beauty of Spring

With the pollen count set to skyrocket into the thousands in Atlanta by early april, it was the perfect spring evening for a Dinner with a Doctor on seasonal allergy. Story

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Your Smartwatch

Your Smartwatch: The wearable EKG offers the comforting weight of medicine itself, worn on the wrist like an amulet warding off evil. Story

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The Better to See You With

The evolution of medical imaging, from shoe store X-rays to cancer-tracking nanoparticles. Story

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Last Rights

Most people don't die how or where they want. But there are ways to make your voice heard near the end. Six Emory physicians share details of their own advance medical directives. Story

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