Stay HIP

Photograph of nurses in green graduation regalia (academic robes) during a graduation ceremony.

“The H is for humility, a willingness to learn from anyone, at any time, in any venue. And to be honest with yourself—what you know and don’t know—as well as with your patients. H is also for leading with heart, finding humor and learning to laugh, especially at yourself, for laughter truly is the best medicine. Remember, you will rarely cure but you can always heal. I is to remind you to imagine, innovate, and impact, to connect the dots. And P is for your passion, what engages you, especially in service to others. Combine passion with compassion. Also, remember to pause. Please take a moment to reflect in the midst of all your activities, to find perspective and respect differences.

Dean Vikas Sukhatme to 2021 graduates, Emory School of Medicine Commencement, may 14, Georgia World congress Center, Atlanta

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