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Cover Story

Cover Story

Hiding in Plain Sight

When his vision started to deteriorate, it was a devastating blow to Ian Crozier, a 44-year-old doctor infected with the Ebola virus while treating patients in Sierra Leone at the height of the epidemic in the summer of 2014. Story

And the heart scan shows...

The coronary artery calcification (CAC) scan is helping doctors find patients at risk of early death.

Easing Phantom Limb Pain

Cryoablation therapy is helping relieve amputees' pain and discomfort.


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Balancing Acts

For the first time, more adults than children have congenital heart defects. They're leading full, active lives. This doesn't mean they're cured. Story

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Aging with HIV

About half of all HIV-infected Americans are 50 and older. They're retiring, becoming grandparents, and facing ailments from diabetes to arthritis, all things they never thought they'd live long enough to experience. Story

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Why I became a kidney donor

This summer, Atlanta FOX 5 health reporter Beth Galvin took a few weeks off to became a kidney donor. Story

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